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    Who doesn't love churros? If we had our way, we would have this warm, fried-dough pastry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! But authentic Mexican churros are generously coated with refined sugar in addition to delicious, granulated cinnamon... Mmm, cinnamon... So, what's a churro-lover to do when they crave this crispy on the outside, soft on the inside dessert? Why, substitute sugar for an all-natural, sugar-free, calorie-free alternative, of course! Here comes Sweetly Stevia to the rescue with a healthy recipe that's sure to get your taste buds singing louder than a mariachi band!

    Calories: 52

    Meal Type

    • Dessert


    • Summer

    Nutrition Facts

    Use Our Stevia Conversion Calculator to easily convert Sugar to Stevia!




    • For the coating, mix together 1 tablespoon Sweetly Stevia and cinnamon in a dish, set aside for later use
    • Pour about 1 ½ inches of vegetable oil in a deep pot or skillet
    • Heat oil over medium-high heat
    • While the oil is heating, start preparing the batter
    • Add water, Sweetly Stevia, butter, and salt to a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat
    • Add flour to the mix and reduce heat to medium-low
    • Cook and stir constantly with a rubber spatula until mixture is smooth
    • Turn off the heat and transfer mixture to a mixing bowl and let cool for about 5 minutes
    • Add vanilla extract and egg to your mixture and blend immediately with an electric mixer until it’s smooth
    • Transfer mixture to a large zip lock bag and close it, leaving the mixture to one corner of the bag
    • Cut the corner end of the bag with scissors 
    • Carefully squeeze mixture into preheated oil and cut the end of mixture with scissors
    • Let fry until golden brown, about 2-3 minutes per side
    • Transfer churro to paper towels
    • Dab churro with paper towels to dry briefly
    • Transfer cinnamon mixture and roll to coat
    • Serve warm
    • Enjoy!


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