About Us

About Us 

Sweetly® Stevia Family Sweeteners Group is an international producer and supplier of Steviol Glycoside extracts with a strong focus on the entire stevia sweetener market – from sustainable plant breeding and ethical agricultural practices, all the way through to the final retail products.


Sweetly® Stevia helps people make healthier choices when it comes to sugar alternatives. We are 100% natural, vegan, and zero calories without the bitter aftertaste. Try it for yourself and have a guilt-free experience with Sweetly® Stevia!

We say NO to warning labels. Sweetly® Stevia is from organic, Non-GMO stevia leaves and is Alcohol-Free, Chemical Free, Gluten Free, Lactose-Free, and Diabetic Friendly.


Our Mission

Our mission is to supply and educate consumers on the wonderful benefits of Stevia Rebaudiana. We want to help people make healthier choices when consuming food and beverages, thus, we pledge to provide a 100% natural alternative to reduce sugar intake and promote healthy lifestyles. Our company’s vision is to become the preferred stevia sweetener while simultaneously creating global synergies to ensure a sustainable supply of stevia leaf necessary to fuel the industry


Our Story

Our stevia leaves are grown in the farms of South America and are produced with love and pride—all the way from our ethical agricultural practices to the final finished product. Our stevia plots are located in the Peruvian region of San Martin, which has the ideal conditions for the growth of stevia in terms of precipitation, sunlight, temperature, and ground conditions. Once cultivated, the leaves are harvested by the local communities of Brazil, inspected for the highest quality, and then enjoyed by people around the world looking for a natural sugar substitute.

Since the beginning, we’ve prided ourselves on our commitments in three areas: sharing and improving communities, stewarding natural resources, and sourcing responsibility. These business drivers have led to the creation of a common vision across the Sweetly® Stevia brand, and a way of thinking that continually seeks out economic, environmental and social opportunities.

What Makes Us Special

Sweetly® Stevia is the UK’s favorite sugar alternative, now in the United States! Coming from the sunny farms of South America, our Stevia products are grown with love and pride, all the way from our ethical agricultural practices to the final finished product. Handpicked by the local communities of Brazil, Sweetly® Stevia is enjoyed by all types of people around the globe looking for a healthy sugar substitute.

Your health is important, that’s why we say NO to warning labels, chemicals, and other harmful pollutants.

Our stevia is:

  • Zero calories with 100% natural ingredients
  • No Sucralose, Saccharin, Xylitol, or Sorbitol
  • Non–GMO
  • Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Alcohol-free, Chemical-free
  • Vegan, Halal and Kosher certified
  • Diabetic-friendly

★ Water extracted — no ethanol, methanol, or rubbing alcohol.

We Extract and Purify Using Only Water

Natural and pure, our extraction process uses 100% safe and natural techniques to draw out the steviosides from the leaves of the stevia plant. Many sugar substitutes use ethanol, methanol, or even rubbing alcohol to produce their stevia, but through our special patented process, we use only water to extract and purify the sweet stevia goodness. This results in 100% natural, granulated stevia that tastes just like sugar!

healthy and happy family holding hands in the sun

From Field to Table: A Process

Sweetly® Stevia has a patented extraction process that means there is no longer the taste-tradeoff you find with other sweetener options. It’s 100% natural and 100% delicious, all the way from our farms in South America.


Our stevia is a non-GMO crop and its farming, extraction, and purification require less water, land, and energy to produce the same amount of sweetness found in other natural sweeteners (including sugar).


We establish long term relationships with local farmers (primarily in Brazil) with a view to improving the lives of the communities there.

Extraction & Purification

Unless you want to chew the leaves, stevia leaves need to have their sweetness extracted from them (result = steviosides). We use a patented process that extracts and purifies the sugary goodness using only water. A bit like giving our leaves a power shower. Our process is 100% natural and results in a product that genuinely tastes like sugar!


Our high purity stevia can be up to four times sweeter than sugar. In this pure extracted form, steviosides are too sweet for human taste buds, so companies like us need to add fillers to make the sweetness more palatable. We only use natural ingredients of the highest quality so our blend is 100% natural.

Packaging & Shipping

We use sustainably sourced materials wherever possible. For example, our shelf-ready casing uses FSC Certified material & our ink is environmentally friendly. We even pick our transport companies due to their efforts to reduce environmental impact.

Your Home or Business

Via your chosen retailer, Sweetly® Stevia low calorie-sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated. Sprinkle it on your cereal. Spoon it in your tea and coffee. It won’t end up on your conscience or your thighs!

Tastes Like Sugar

A taste panel conducted by Oxford Brookes University’s Consumer Quantitative Research Food Science Department found that Sweetly® Stevia was not bitter and did not linger in the mouth afterward. 70% of the adults in the taste panel could not tell the difference between Sweetly® Stevia and sugar!


At Sweetly® Stevia, we continually strive to use stevia in new and innovative ways. Our dedicated team of experts has amassed huge amounts of applied knowledge, allowing us to bring to market products with all the natural health benefits of stevia and none of the bitter after taste.

There is nothing more rewarding than accompanying entrepreneurs on their journey to success. We act as a long-term, strategic sweetener system partner and dedicate our industry-specific experience, skills and network to help you develop and execute a winning business strategy.

How can Sweetly® Stevia be used with your company?

  • Dairy
  • Beverages
  • Baby Food
  • Convenience
  • Fruit Preparations
  • Health

Regulatory Approval

When partnering with us, our Scientific & Regulatory Affairs team will help guide you through the most up-to-date information on stevia guidelines and restrictions to better understand what is approved in your specific area.

Sweetly® Stevia Characteristics

Natural source Meeting market demand for cleaner labeling with a viable alternative to artificial high intensive sweeteners
Non-caloric Reduces energy and sugars, suiting diabetic dietary restrictions
Heat stable Sustains sweet taste even after heat treatments (pasteurization, UHT, baking, etc.)
Stable in acidic pH Suitable for acidic applications, maintaining its sweetness throughout the product’s shelf life
Light-stability Maintains sweetness throughout the product’s shelf life in a variety of storage conditions
Non-cariogenic (tooth-friendly) Suitable for confectionery products such as chewing gum, as well as oral hygiene products
Low glycemic index Suitable for diabetics and health-conscious consumers
Non-fermentable Ensures product stability and extended shelf life