Sweetly Stevia Conversion Calculator

Conversion Calculator

Stevia Conversion Calculator

Use our sugar to stevia conversion calculator when substituting Sweetly Stevia in all of your favorite recipes. This interactive stevia calculator is going to make baking with stevia a breeze!

Note: For decimal conversions please start with a 0. For example ¼ cup should be entered as 0.25.

Amount of Sugar 

Amount of Granulated Stevia 

How to use the interactive stevia calculator

To use this conversion calculator, find the amount of sugar your recipe calls for. If your recipe calls for ¾ cup of sugar, this is how you would convert it:

  • Find the “cup” measurement on the calculator
  • Enter 0.75 in the calculator
  • Check the stevia conversion and use the amount listed

Substituting stevia for sugar in recipes decreases your calorie intake. Stevia also does not affect your blood sugar or insulin levels and won’t have a negative impact on your teeth health. Stevia is also safe for diabetics, just another reason to switch!

How to convert sugar to stevia

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from our customers on how to convert sugar to stevia. In response, we turned to the experts and developed an easy-to-use interactive stevia calculator!

One of the most popular replacements for sugar is stevia, mostly due to its long list of health benefits. Stevia is also very popular for those on the keto diet! Stevia can be substituted for sugar in all of your favorite recipes, but if you happen to run out of ideas, we have some new recipes for you to try! Check out our recipe page for some delicious breakfast, dinner, snack, and smoothie recipes!