Sweetly Opportunities 

Whether you’re looking for a new natural sweetener to add to your shelves, a white-label product partner you can trust, or a natural sugar-substitute for your latest recipe or formula, Sweetly Stevia can do it all. We’d love to hear about your business plans, answer any questions you may have, and learn about your product, so fill out the form below!

Perfect for Any Application 

Our dedicated team of scientists and researchers have applied a huge amount of effort into bringing to light all of the new and innovative ways our stevia can be used. No matter the industry, placement, application, or product, we’re sure Sweetly Stevia is the best option for you and your company.

  • Reviewing the list of applications will reveal how Sweetly Stevia can be used within your company: in beverages, jellies & jams, pastries, candies, or simply on the shelf in your natural foods store or white-labeled in your restaurant or cafe.
  • Let us know how you would like to use Sweetly Stevia in your business by filling out our Wholesale Application. Tell us about your business acquisition, product line, and/or partnership venture and we will respond within 24 hours!
  • If you’re looking to use Sweetly Stevia in a consumer product, our Scientific and Regulatory Affairs team will help guide you through the most up-to-date information on guidelines and restrictions for using stevia in edible goods.