Regulatory Approval

When partnering with us, our Scientific & Regulatory Affairs team will help guide you through the most up-to-date information on stevia guidelines and restrictions to better understand what is approved in your specific area.

Sweetly Stevia® Characteristics

  • Natural source

    Meeting market demand for cleaner labeling with a viable alternative to artificial high intensive sweeteners

  • Non-caloric

    Reduces energy and sugars, suiting diabetic dietary restrictions

  • Heat stable

    Sustains sweet taste even after heat treatments (pasteurization, UHT, baking, etc.)

  • Stable in acidic pH

    Suitable for acidic applications, maintaining its sweetness throughout the product’s shelf life

  • Light-stability

    Maintains sweetness throughout the product’s shelf life in a variety of storage conditions

  • Non-cariogenic (tooth friendly)

    Suitable for confectionary products such as chewing gum, as well as oral hygiene products

  • Low glycemic index

    Suitable for diabetics and health-conscious consumers

  • Non-fermentable

    Ensures product stability and extended shelf life