the healthier sugar alternative

Sweetly Stevia is unique in the sense that it is famous for what it does NOT do. It doesn't add calories, doesn't convert to fat, doesn't raise insulin levels, and doesn't contain sugar alcohols or any harmful chemicals.


Stevia is native to North and South America and has been used as a safe herbal remedy by tribes for thousands of years. It is derived from a plant called the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni and can be up to 350x sweeter than sugar! It’s a natural sugar substitute that is non-caloric and has zero carbohydrates. The sweet part of the plant is called Steviol Glycosides and although they are so sweet, they can often leave a bitter aftertaste leaving manufacturers no choice than to mix stevia with other ingredients.
Here at Sweetly Stevia, we use a patented water extraction process, making our stevia product pure and free of harmful chemicals and bitter aftertaste. We mix our glycosides with organic erythritol to bring you ultimately the closest tasting stevia product to sugar!


Stevia helps with better calcium absorption, which leads to stronger bones and teeth.
Stevia contains glycosides that can relax your blood vessels and increase urination, helping regulate blood pressure levels.
Stevia is rich in antioxidants and contains more than 100 vital nutrients.
Stevia has a long shelf life, high-temperature tolerance, and is non-fermentative.
Stevia has been found to reduce bacteria in the mouth, prevent gum infections, and inhibit the growth of plaque.


  • ubstituted for sugar in all your favorite recipes
  • errific and healthy alternative to sugar
  • ven helps control diabetes
  • irtually no bitter aftertaste
  • nfinate skin and health benefits
  • dds zero calories and zero carbs


Stevia extract, known as steviol glycosides, is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in foods as a sugar substitute by the FDA. Substances that have been considered GRAS by the FDA have been determined to be safe through scientific tests and reviews, expert consensus, and widespread use without negative effects. In other words, stevia is safe to consume in moderation. Go stevia!


Studies have shown that stevia prevents wrinkles, halts the signs of aging, reduces acne, fights dermatitis or eczema, and revitalizes the skin! Stevia has many skin benefits and can be used in face masks, lotions, sugar [stevia] scrubs, acne treatments, and much more!
Aside from being used in your coffee or tea every morning, you can also bake and cook with stevia! We have some delicious recipes made with Sweetly Stevia that are sure to please any crowd. Additionally, you can substitute stevia for sugar in any recipe you find!
Research has shown that stevia sweeteners don't contribute any calories or carbs to the diet, and have no effect on blood glucose and insulin. This is great news for people with diabetes and allows them to eat a wider variety of foods while using stevia as a substitute for sugar.