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Have you ever wondered how to make your own powdered sugar at home? Maybe you've run out or don't have enough for a recipe that you're already elbow deep into. While we can't tell you how to make powdered sugar, we CAN teach you how to make a much healthier alternative, Powdered Stevia! Sweetly Stevia is a granulated natural sugar substitute and it tastes AND looks just like sugar! This recipe, or instructions rather, will teach you how to grind your own powdered stevia using two simple ingredients to cover roughly 12 cookies!

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Use Our Stevia Conversion Calculator to easily convert Sugar to Stevia!



To Make By Hand:

1. With a mortar and pestle, crush granulated stevia 6 packets at a time. Dumping the crushed granules in a small bowl before adding the next packets.

2. Once all packets are crushed, mix in the cornstarch until thoroughly dispersed. 

3. Enjoy your handmade powdered sugar by sprinkling it on cooked (warm) cookies or rolling batter in before cooking!


To Make with Blender/Bullet:

1. Put all packets in the blender along with the cornstarch.

2. Pulse until granulated stevia becomes powder and cornstarch is mixed thoroughly.

3. Enjoy!

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