Sweetly Stevia Granulated Sugar Substitute 1 LB Pouch

100% of 100

Sweetly Stevia is now offering a 1LB bag of our premium granulated stevia making it easier for customers to take measurements for baking and cooking.

  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS | Organic Stevia and Organic Erythritol, making it twice the sweetness of sugar. Organic Stevia is a highly sustainable plant that is part of the sunflower family known for its intense sweetness. Organic Erythritol is a non-nutritive sugar alcohol that has the same taste profile and texture as sugar with little to no effects on blood sugar levels
  • SWEET TASTE, ZERO GUILT | Friendly to many diets such as Candido, Keto, Paleo, many sugar substitutes use ethanol, methanol, or even rubbing alcohol to produce their stevia, we use only water to extract and purify the sweet stevia goodness
  • TASTES LIKE SUGAR | Carefully selecting our stevia leaves, we extract 98% Rebaudioside Reb A (the sweetest part of the stevia plant) using ONLY water, our stevia is 100% naturally processed to extract the sweet stevia crystals which results in a product that genuinely tastes like sugar
  • SUGAR SUBSTITUTE | Excellent sugar replacement for Diabetic, Keto, Paleo and Candida lifestyles. Sweetly Stevia contains Zero Carbs, is Sugar-free, Calorie-free, Gluten-free, GMO-free, and has a Zero Glycemic Index
  • SWEETEN YOUR LIFE | Taste for yourself - we're confident you'll agree. A healthier lifestyle never tasted so sweet! Halal and Kosher Certified

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