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  1. Is Coffee Healthy?

    Is Coffee Healthy?

    If you've been keeping up with the Sweetly Stevia blog this month, then you've probably noticed that we've been taking a close look at coffee. We might even be a little obsessed with it. We took a deep dive into the History of Coffee in our most recent blog post to shed light on the otherwise mysterious origins of this worldwide cultural phenomenon, and in our Recipe section we included Iced Coffee, Coffee Creamer, and even Coffee Cake, all sweetened with Sweetly Stevia, of course!

  2. Recipe Roundup: Sweet Recipes

    Recipe Roundup: Sweet Recipes

    Ah, the joy of coffee, cream… and sweets! In this week's Recipe Roundup, we've compiled the most heavenly desserts to bring out the big, bold flavor of coffee! Our recipes cover what to put in your dark roast (creamer), dip into your java (biscotti), and delight in as you drink steaming mug after steaming mug (cupcakes and fruit dip). If you're a coffee connoisseur like we are, you'll love these Sweetly Stevia recipes, and psst, if you want to get in on some serious coffee action, you have to check out our September blogs! 

  3. The History Of Coffee

    The History Of Coffee

    Cappuccino. Latte. Americano. Flat white… There are countless types of coffees and breakfast wouldn't be the same without them. For most adults, a productive day wouldn't be the same without a freshly brewed mug of arabica, robusta, sumatra, or any other variety of coffee.

  4. Stevia On The Keto Diet

    Stevia On The Keto Diet

    The "keto" diet, or ketogenic diet, is more than just a trend that won't seem to go away. It's actually a highly effective method of shifting the metabolism into "fat burning mode". Overweight individuals who have struggled to lose body fat and keep it off have found remarkable success on the ketogenic diet.

  5. Recipe Roundup: Delicious Recipes

    Recipe Roundup: Delicious Recipes

    When the average person thinks "sweet", the first thing that usually comes to mind is sugar. But if you're on Team Sweetly, then you know that the sweetest thing around is the all-natural zero-calorie sweetener, Stevia! In this week's Recipe Roundup, we'll show you how to put the calorie-free "sweet" in Sweet & Spicy Tacos as well as other creative recipes that are made with--you guessed it!--Sweetly Stevia!

  6. Health Tips For Home School Stress

    Health Tips For Home School Stress

    If you and your kids reside in one of the many school districts that have decided to continue online classes for the fall semester, you might already be feeling the pressure build.

  7. Meal Prepping For Back To School

    Meal Prepping For Back To School

    Back-to-school season is officially here! As the days become shorter and temperatures cool off, children, teenagers, and college-aged kids are getting ready to head back into the classroom. September marks new beginnings and mixed emotions. A high schooler who's gearing up to begin his or her senior year could feel bittersweet about the graduation to come while a first-grader might already be clinging to his or her mother's leg, terrified of being left with a bunch of scary strangers.