Why is sweet and salty so good? This October, we've rounded up the best sweet & salty recipes in our exploration of answering this timeless question… and the answer tastes scrumptious! Salt enhances the sweetness of sugar! But what's a health-conscious individual to do when they're committed to reducing their daily sugar intake? Why, substitute with stevia, of course! Thanks to Sweetly, you can now indulge in salty-sweet desserts without spiking your blood sugar, and be sure to wash these cookies & brownies down with our delish apple cider made with stevia!

Autumn means crisper air and thicker sweaters, but that doesn't mean we want to sabotage our beach-bods by eating sugary desserts that pack on the pounds! This rich, fluffy Keto Chocolate Mousse recipe is a decadent yet simple way to satisfy those chocolate cravings in a healthy, low-carb way, and because it's made with Sweetly Stevia, you know it's diabetic friendly! 

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288 cal. | 1.7 g sugar | 4 servings

When the air gets crisp and the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow, there's nothing quite like lighting a campfire and roasting marshmallows! Whether you and the fam are camping this October, or simply gathered around the kitchen stove, try Sweetly's Homemade S'mores recipe, made with stevia marshmallows that won't cause cavities or pack on unnecessary calories! 

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Marshmallows: 51 cal. | 3.3 g sugar | 25 servings

Chocolate: 165 cal. | 0.2 g sugar | 10 servings

'Tis the season to fall in love with cider! When it comes to apple cider, the flavors, tastes, and aromas can be as endless as varieties of wine! It's true! Apple ciders are complex, but unfortunately, all of them are sweetened with sugar… all but ours, of course! For cider with a kick of cinnamon, allspice, and stevia, check out this recipe!  

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41 cal. | No added sugar | 16 servings

If you've never tasted salted chocolate chip cookies before, then you're in for a real treat without any of the tricks you might otherwise expect from a low-sugar recipe! The final sprinkle of sea salt truly accentuates the rich, chocolate flavor of these chewy cookies. Whip up a batch and snack, guilt free, as you answer the door for trick-or-treaters this Halloween! 

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84 cal. | 2.3 g sugar | 48 servings

If you have a gluten allergy, you know that no matter how delicious, melty, and salty-sweet a brownie morsel tastes, it's never worth the abdominal pain, nausea, and fatigue that follows. Luckily, Sweetly Stevia's Sweet & Salty Brownies are completely gluten-free, hooray! If gluten is your kryptonite, our recipe will keep your super powers intact! Enjoy this chocolatey, nutty, no-sugar-added dessert! 

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199 cal. | 4.6 g sugar | 20 servings