We make all-natural stevia products to sweeten your cooking, baking, and beverages without adding empty sugar calories, fillers, or additives!

Sweetly Stevia's sweeteners are made from responsibly grown and harvested non-GMO stevia plants, and our extraction process uses water, never alcohol and chemicals, which means you won't find any warning labels on our goods.

In fact, our labels boast how truly all-natural we are--alcohol-free, chemical-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free! We've earned the right to call our products diabetic friendly, too, because our stevia does not have a measurable impact on blood sugar or insulin.

But the heart-healthy, diabetic friendly, and oh-so-tasty bragging rights we've earned isn't what this blog post is going to be about…

Instead, we have an important announcement to make…

Drum roll, please.... Now, it's easier than ever to buy Sweetly Stevia products online!

If you just broke out into uproarious applause, thank you and welcome to Team Sweetly! We knew our loyal customers would appreciate even more contactless ways to get a hold of our family of stevia sweeteners while taking advantage of free shipping options that they may have established with online shopping platforms like Amazon. 

So, without further adieu, here is your quick reference of all of the places you can order our delicious, zero-calorie, antioxidant-rich--shall we go on?--stevia products!

Amazon offers a selection of Sweetly Stevia products ranging from 250-packet ct. boxes to 1 lb. bags of granulated, and for those Team Sweetly customers who also have Amazon Prime, your shipping could be free. All the more reason to stock up no matter how heavy the order!

WalMart is an excellent option for those Team Sweetly folks who would like the option of shopping online with this big box retailer. While shipping prices vary on WalMart's ecommerce site, the available products are 120-packet, 250-packet, 400-packet, 1,000-packet ct. boxes of granulated as well as 1 lb. bags of granulated and our new granulated pouch with measured pour jar combo!

Ebay also carries our products, so if you favor this website, you're in luck! You'll find our 120-packet, 250-packet, 400-packet, 1,000-packet ct. boxes of granulated, 1 lb. bags of granulated, and our new granulated pouch with measured pour jar combo. And best of all, no bidding required--wink, wink.

Etsy isn't just for handmade, vintage, custom jewelry and tchotchkes anymore! You can also shop for Sweetly Stevia on this popular gift site now, too! All of our products are available here as well as our pour jar sold individually!

As always, you can view all of our stevia products right here on the Stevia website!

Now the only question is, what will you do with all that Sweetly Stevia once it arrives? For ideas, check out our Recipes for the tastiest low-carb meals, desserts, and drinks that call for stevia instead of regular table sugar, and be sure to follow our blog!