1. What is Erythritol?

    What is Erythritol?

    There are many different types of sugar alcohols, each of which are used by several different food manufacturers to help keep calorie counts low. In this post we are going to be talking about erythritol, its features, and how it's produced. 

  2. Is Stevia Tooth Friendly?

    Is Stevia Tooth Friendly?

    It's commonly known that stevia is one of the best sugar substitutes on the market. You've heard about where it comes from, how it's been used for hundreds and hundreds of years, and that it's super sweet! But what you may not know is how beneficial it is for your dental health. 

  3. From Field to Table: The Sweetly Way

    From Field to Table: The Sweetly Way

    Since the beginning, we’ve prided ourselves on our commitments in three areas: sharing and improving communities, stewarding natural resources, and sourcing responsibility. These business drivers have led to the creation of a common vision across the Sweetly Stevia® brand, and a way of thinking that continually seeks out economic, environmental, and social opportunities. Here is our process, from the farm to your table!

  4. What is Stevia?

    What is Stevia?

    You've got a lot of questions about stevia, and we have the answers! What is the sweet part of the stevia plant? Is stevia FDA approved? What can stevia be used for? What are the benefits of stevia? We will cover all of these questions in-depth and much more!