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  1. Recipe Roundup: Delicious Summer Recipes

    Recipe Roundup: Delicious Summer Recipes

    Cinnamon-coated churros, creamy cheesecake, deliciously frozen grapes, aromatic iced coffee... When dreaming up low-sugar desserts, these lip-smacking ideas probably wouldn't come to mind. But thanks to Sweetly Stevia, you can indulge in all of your favorites without a twinge of guilt because our recipes never include added sugar!

  2. The Science Behind Stevia

    The Science Behind Stevia

    Even though the FDA officially deemed stevia to be a safe alternative to sugar in 2008 and categorized food grade stevia as "GRAS", which stands for "generally recognized as safe", this hasn't always been the case. For many decades, the FDA delayed their food safety approval of stevia, causing the stevia sweetener to be controversial within the health community. But was the FDA's original determination regarding the potential health hazards associated with stevia fair or unfounded? Let's take a look at the science, as well as the politics, behind stevia.

  3. Which All Natural Sweetener Is Best For You?

    Which All Natural Sweetener Is Best For You?

    Do you crave sugar? We all have those moments. Whether you're hankering for a fast energy boost in the afternoon, stress-eating a pint of ice cream, or simply rewarding yourself with a sweet treat for a job well done, everyone has their own relationship with sugar. In its many forms, regular sugar contains a high amount of empty calories that can wreak havoc on your health if you consume too much of it daily. With regular sugar, corn syrup, and high-fructose corn syrup added to an abundance of packaged foods these days, it seems impossible to avoid this sweet, addictive substance.

  4. Recipe Roundup: Fun Summertime Recipes

    Recipe Roundup: Fun Summertime Recipes

    Summer is in full swing, but Sweetly Stevia has just the recipes to keep you cool… and low in sugar! If you missed our delicious recipes this past week, here they are once again, rounded up for your summertime fun and convenience! We've got cocktails, cakes, and ketchup like nothing you or the fam has ever tasted before! Have fun with friends, family, and Sweetly Stevia! 

  5. Summertime Fun With Sweetly Stevia

    Summertime Fun With Sweetly Stevia

    Summer is here and it’s hot out! If you’re anything like us, now that the height of July has arrived, you’re taking advantage of the beautiful weather, staying active, and maintaining a healthy diet. No matter where you live, whether in a populated city or on the rural countryside, you probably have a bunch of fun, outdoor activities to choose from. But in case you’d like a few more ideas to add to your summertime bucket list, the Sweetly Stevia team has put together our top 3 favorite activities for you to try, and each comes with the perfect sweet treat or stevia drink to compliment it!

  6. Avoid The Sugar Crash From Your Post-Workout Protein Shake

    Avoid The Sugar Crash From Your Post-Workout Protein Shake

    Forget the “freshman 5”, you’re pretty sure you just gained the “corona 19”, or did your recently reopened local gym install a bunch of widening mirrors? Gulp. Probably not. Okay, well, what’s done is done, and now is the time to undo it!

  7. What is Erythritol?

    What is Erythritol?

    There are many different types of sugar alcohols, each of which are used by several different food manufacturers to help keep calorie counts low. In this post we are going to be talking about erythritol, its features, and how it's produced. 

  8. Recipe Roundup: Easy Summertime Recipes

    Recipe Roundup: Easy Summertime Recipes

    This week's recipe roundup features crowd-pleasing finger-licking good recipes perfect for a 4th of July party! From easy 2-ingredient fresh fruit popsicles to ket-friendly and low-sugar BBQ sauce that'll have everyone asking for seconds. make these recipes for your next gathering and your friends and family will be begging you for the recipes! There's a recipe for everybody, so let's get cooking!

  9. Is Stevia Tooth Friendly?

    Is Stevia Tooth Friendly?

    It's commonly known that stevia is one of the best sugar substitutes on the market. You've heard about where it comes from, how it's been used for hundreds and hundreds of years, and that it's super sweet! But what you may not know is how beneficial it is for your dental health. 

  10. Top 4 Reasons to Replace Sugar and How to Kick it for Good

    Top 4 Reasons to Replace Sugar and How to Kick it for Good

    There are over 61 different names for normal table sugar, making it hard to identify hidden sugars in your food. The saying goes "What you don't know won't kill you" but in this case, it might. This is why it is so important to be knowledgeable about sugar's secret identities and where sugar could be hidden in your average daily diet. Read on to learn about the top 5 reasons you should replace sugar.