Mrs. Claus holding her award-winning chocolate chip cookies. Photo courtesy of Hermey Donner

Mrs. Claus’ famous chocolate chip cookies made with Sweetly Stevia are to thank for their recent title upgrade

By: Dasher Cornelius

Sweetly Stevia has been named the #1 sweetener in the North pole and it's all thanks to Mrs. Claus and her [now] famous chocolate chip cookies. This all happened last week at the Jollyville annual Frosty Cookie Bake-Off, where Mrs. Claus was crowned Frosty Cook after baking the most delicious chocolate chip cookies this town and elves have ever tasted. Even the reindeer seemed to have enjoyed the cookies! “I turned around after interviewing with Pappa Elf and all that was left on my tray were crumbs.” Mrs. Claus told reporters. “I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I saw Rudolph’s glowing nose trying to sneak away.”

We asked Mrs. Claus why she decided to enter into the bake-off this year, after not competing for over 10 years. Here’s what she told us. “Well, as many of you know, Mr. Claus was diagnosed with diabetes just over 10 years ago. It was hard on both of us but did not come as a complete shock. All those cookies he’s eaten over the years had to catch up with him sometime.”

Mrs. Claus went on to tell us how they had to make big changes to their diets, which had proven to be beneficial to both of them. Mrs. Claus told us that even some of the elves would invite themselves to dinner just to have some of her cooking. “I knew I couldn’t ban Mr. Claus (King of Cookies himself) from eating all of those sweet treats. So I had to find something to replace sugar in my baking recipes, that’s when I found Sweetly Stevia. It’s all-natural, it has no bad aftertaste, and it goes perfectly in Mr. Claus’s coffee and hot chocolate!” Mrs. Claus told reporters that sometimes she catches Mr. Claus eating Sweetly Stevia right out of the packet. Though she never stops him she said, “it won’t raise his blood sugar levels so why bother”. She also told reporters that she can even use much less Sweetly Stevia while baking when compared to sugar because stevia is 300 times sweeter than normal table sugar. “Mr. Claus was very happy when I first purchased Sweetly Stevia because I could finally start making his favorite sweet treats again without having to worry about his blood sugar levels.”

Mrs. Claus smiled from ear to ear as she told us about how happy Mr. Claus has been since being able to eat his favorite foods. We had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with the big man himself who told us about how pleased he was with the quality of Sweetly Stevia. He was practically trying to sell it to us. “Oh Dasher, you have got to try Sweetly Stevia!” He said. “They use a fabulous, all-natural patented water-extraction method to produce their product. There is no aftertaste and I can use it with everything I would have put sugar in without having to worry about my diabetes. I am so happy my wonderful and talented wife Mrs. Claus won this bake-off and got Sweetly Stevia this great recognition. Everybody should know about this product!” As Mr. Claus walked Mrs. Claus to the sleigh we could hear him say; “Ho Ho Ho, Sweetly Stevia for everyone this year my dear Mrs. Claus, and it’s all thanks to your divine chocolate chip cookies!”

Recording Breaking Snowfall Leaves Elves Lost in the Streets

By Louisa Merry

Elves were left stranded, wandering the snow-covered streets after leaving Santa's workshop last Wednesday. Mr. Claus sent the elves home early hoping they could make it to their families before the worst of the storm hit. “We had a big day ahead of us. We’re already a week behind schedule, but safety always has to come first.” Mr. Claus told reporters. “I’m afraid it was already too late though for most of my elves. I had to send Rudolph and a couple of other reindeer out to find those who didn’t make it home and bring them back to the workshop to stay the night with Mrs. Claus and me. We always make sure our little helpers are taken care of.” By the time the storm was over, there were a record-breaking 14 inches of snow, beating the previous record of 12.5 inches back in 1987.

The Candy Cane County Sheriff's Office arrested Dudly late Saturday night on the accounts of public intoxication, fraud, and reindeer impersonation. Sheriff Mark Jolly also told reporters that Dudly could have also been faced with an additional officer harassment charge for excessively licking two of the arresting officers. In the heart of Christmas Spirit, Sheriff M. Jolly dropped those charges. Officer Frank Song told reporters that “Dudly don’t mean no harm to us. I think he just got a little too excited when we got out of the squad car. I’m sure it didn’t help that he was all hopped up on egg nog and sugar cookies.”

Reindeer Imposter Arrested Last Week

By Ralphy Elf

In the light of Christmas Spirit, Mrs. Claus has shared her chocolate chip cookie recipe with us and encourages you all to bake them for your families this Christmas!

Cut out this recipe and share it with your friends and family!